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With the surge in e-commerce transactions, there has subsequently also been an explosion in the need for secure online funds transfers. Over the past few years, many companies have tried to fill this gap in the market. On the one hand, because competition between these companies is so stiff, the technology and convenience of the services offered has increased dramatically. This goes a long way in combating online fraud. However, as customers become more sussed with regards to this technology, companies are finding it increasingly more difficult to differentiate their product portfolios. Other than offering better fees for transactions, concentrating on customer loyalty schemes or basic signup incentives, there is not much else these existing companies can do to increase their customer base besides normal economic growth. Successful companies do not grow at the same level as economic growth. They stay ahead of it. Customers are fickle. If there is no unique selling proposition and no tangible benefits, the consumer will go will sign up with a competitor based on price factors alone.

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Why Citadel has a Slight Edge for Larger Account Holders. Since its inception in 1999, Citadel Commerce has been providing online funds transfer to people around the globe. While most secure online funds transfer companies concentrate on attracting the smaller, individual account holders (and therefore a very large database), Citadel Commerce concentrates on merchants and larger account holders. This has led to the processing of over $1 billion per annum. This large cash flow has resulted in a top-end online company that is used to dealing with high-risk transactions. The service offerings include secure online check processing, fraud detection services, reconciliation tools and reporting. A 24/7 helpline ensures that customers have a physical expert on call from anywhere in the world no matter the business hours. This human touch goes a long way in ensuring a customer’s satisfaction.

Citadel Commerce was initially developed as an e-commerce detection and risk management system operating mainly for the online gaming industry. Once the foundation had been successfully laid, it was just a natural progression into a full service online funds transfer offering. Targeting mainly online merchants, this full service offering provides a start-to-finish online solution. This eliminates the middle-man so all transactions are seamless with a centralized point of control.

How Safe is Citadel? Due to the large amount of funds changing e-hands on a daily basis, Citadel Commerce is one of the industry leaders in online security. With a series of multi-layer security checks, Secure Socket Layers and firewalls, this is one of the safest ways to bank electronically. A large portion of the profits generated from their billion dollar cash flow has been injected straight back into customer services and security enhancements.

Getting the Smaller Fish. A slight downfall in Citadel Commerce’s business plan could have been that smaller account holders may have been scared off by the company’s reputation as having a more corporate mindset. Citadel Commerce anticipated this and developed a sub-brand to counteract this perception. MyCitadel operates as a virtual wallet and competes directly with companies like NETeller and PaySpark. However, with the backing of Citadel Commerce as the mother brand, the service is flawless. Citadel Checks is another sub-brand of Citadel Commerce that provides merchants with a safe, direct electronic check payment option. With Citadel Commerce starting to dominate the merchant-to-buyer online market, it makes sense to do the same for individual account holders.

Summary of Citadel Commerce. Citadel Commerce has the infrastructure, vision and know-how to stay with the changes happening in e-commerce. As a billion dollar company, they hold enough clout to maintain their growth and develop into new paradigms.

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