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EcoCard is no longer available to US customers.

ecocard casinos

EcoCard is a secure online funds transfer facility that allows customers access to online merchants around the world. Linked mainly to the larger European Union countries, EcoCard has the credibility and infrastructure to offer an intelligent and alternative solution to existing online payment options.

List of EcoCard casinos

Full list of online casinos that accept EcoCard deposits and payouts. Deposit via EcoCard and those casinos will pay you buck to your EcoCard account. Many casinos offers same-day payments via EcoCard.

With an overly-saturated online funds transfer market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer consumers any differentiating or new value-added services. Most payment schemes are set apart by consumer loyalty programmes, competitive fees and gift incentives. Unfortunately, although there are many options to choose from, the fact remains that the actual products to not differ enough. Many consumers are now basing their choice of secure online funds transfer companies on accessibility to as many merchant sites as possible. This makes sense because customers do not wish to jump between accounts when shopping for goods and services online.

Most online funds transfer companies are credit-based where customers sign up for an account and are then able to top up this account using conventional banking means. The credit card is the most common method of payment used in this topping up process. Although every merchant site offers a direct credit card facility as this is still the most common mode of online payment, many customers are very hesitant to hand over their credit card numbers to a faceless entity.

Another factor in the need for a new form of payment is that customers in general are not disciplined enough with regards to personal budgets and therefore purchase goods and services with money that is not actually theirs. This is where EcoCard has a differentiating point. EcoCard is more like a debit card and transactions can only be performed with existing money in the account. This negates the option of unnecessary debt or credit card fraud.

How Does One Get an EcoCard? Signing up for an EcoCard is easy. One just need follow the prompts at with no “spare” questions. These are the types of questions that often lead to data collection for databases, followed by mounds of scam mail to customers who fit a particular perceived profile. The EcoCard website employs a similar interface to most conventional internet banking sites so customers do not feel out of their comfort zones.

Is EcoCard Safe? Besides for the fact that the EcoCard website is protected by multi-layer security systems, Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL 3.1) and a series of complex firewalls, all transactions with participating merchants are completely anonymous. Furthermore, the funds in the customer’s EcoCard account are the customer’s own money, which encourages responsible shopping. In a sense, EcoCard is a virtual prepaid shopping voucher than can be redeemed at any online merchant carrying the EcoCard logo.

What Other Benefits are There? All transactions are free. Besides for EcoCard’s overt convenience, purchases can be made immediately if the funds are available in the account. This means that there is never a chance of payment rejections. Customers are also attracted to EcoCard’s relatively low costs and anonymity as the merchant receives no information other than the EcoCard number and user identity number. EcoCard is fast gaining ground as a secure and convenient payment method among online merchants, especially online casinos. Research has shown that 72% of credit card holders have never made online transactions with their credit cards. For merchants, it makes good business sense to link up to EcoCard as a payment option. EcoCard seems to be especially popular in the online sports betting industry. There is potential for EcoCard to enter into cross-merchandising and cross-branding with online sports news sites or sports apparel merchants.

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