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instacash casinos

Instacash is one of the fastest and most secure ways to transfer money from a bank account to an online merchant. It’s not only fast to use, it’s also one of the fastest growing methods of electronic funds transfers. The great part about Instacash is that one does need access to any special banking accounts. Any checking account will do.

Instacash is currently not available to US customers.

With Instacash, money is transferred directly and instantly to the online merchant. Instacash transactions are more prevalent on online casino sites where, with large amounts of money flying through cyberspace, the need for security and peace of mind is key.

Instacash is a service offered by NETeller, which is top of mind and a leader in the online electronic funds transfer market. With NETeller’s backing, using Instacash is a logical next step for consumers. With the surge in online purchases over the last few years NETeller has stayed ahead of its competitors through high levels of service, competitive rates and good customer relations. Since it began operations in 1999, NETeller has led the way. Online consumers can instantly move funds to and from any merchant site that is linked to NETeller – and there are many. As the Internet is evolving, so too is online shopping for goods and services. It is now possible to purchase almost anything online from anywhere in the world – local government policy permitting. With this in mind, merchants will lean towards adopting the bigger online money transfer companies as means of payment on their website in order to maximize their reach.

With any monetary transaction, the attention to detail must be precise. Electronic fund transfers take approximately four to five days to clear. Although there are faster clearance methods out there, when it comes to security, Instacash does not cut back in any area. As a subsidiary of NETeller, it has a strong brand name to uphold and for that reason there is no room for error. Customers are fickle. If a consumer is not satisfied with the service, that person will take their business elsewhere. The alternatives are numerous.

The only time an Instacash customer will part with his/her credit card details is on the NETeller website. Once the account is active, Instacash account holders can purchase, upload funds, transfer and browse at most online merchants. The database is protected by a series of firewalls and multi-layer security checks. The data collected from customers is also protected by law with regards to sharing. Even though registering with Instacash takes only a few minutes, nothing is compromised. Unfortunately, this service is currently only available to citizens of the USA.

There are two ways a customer can deposit money into an Instacash account. Firstly, deposits can be made straight at where an 8.9% processing fee will be deducted from the account. This is slightly above the industry standard. Deposits can also be made at participating online merchants. The customer need only enter the NETeller account ID, secure ID and last 4 digits of the registered bank account. As an incentive for customers to purchase more, many online merchants offer to cover any deposit fees.

The amount of Instacash available to account holders depends on which Level they have achieved. Level One Instacash is given to everyone upon successful registration. This entitles the account holder to deposit up to $750 per week. In order to move up to Level Two, the account must have $1500 in cleared funds present and $3000 in cleared funds to attain Level Three status. The higher the status level, the more perks a customer is entitled to. This encourages active accounts and more frequent purchases using the service.

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