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Moneybookers is no longer available to US customers.

moneybookers casinos

Moneybookers is a company based in the United Kingdom which allows consumers to send and receive money via e-mail. Users can send money via debit card and credit card or transfer funds to and from their own bank accounts. With over 2.4 million users as of November 2006, Moneybookers has come a long way since its inception on 18 June 2001. In a little over 5 years, Moneybookers has already rung the alarm bells amongst its competitors. In a market dominated by some of the bigger names in online secure funds transfer, Moneybookers has taken a large chunk of the financial cake. As a subsidiary of Gatcombe Park Ventures Limited, Moneybookers has the financial backing, infrastructure and expertise to offer a truly outstanding service.

List of Moneybookers casinos

Full list of online casinos that take Moneybookers deposits and payouts. Deposit via Moneybookers and those casinos will pay your winnings back to your Moneybookers account. Many casinos offers same-day payouts via Moneybookers.

Money is sent directly to a Moneybookers account from a credit card, debit card or direct bank transfer. This account can be used any time an account holder wishes to receive money from another party or to make secure, easy online payments. Moneybookers is a very popular choice of payment with online casinos especially. This is mainly due to its reliability and tight security aspects. With vast amounts of cash changing virtual hands on a daily basis and a casino’s security reputation at stake, a customer’s money’s safe passage is of paramount importance. It works on the same principal as customers avoiding physical casinos on the basis of that casino being situated in a questionable area or due to bad service.

Added Benefits of Moneybookers. One of the best features about having a Moneybookers account is that the consumer never has to part with vital and private information. Credit card details do not have to be parted with every time a transaction is performed. Moneybookers processes the transfer of funds in a secure environment which ensures that unauthorized transactions are not performed and in the process, protecting the user’s privacy status.

Moneybookers requires identity verification when signing up for the service. This diminishes the likelihood of fraud and money laundering as well as keeping the banking industry ahead of the criminals who are always looking for new ways to beat the system. As an international service, the scope for criminal activity is even higher so Moneybookers has to ensure that a customer’s transactions are kept secure.

The Moneybookers transactions are fast and effective. A payment is sent to the recipient’s e-mail. As most online shoppers are net-savvy and therefore close to their e-mail on a daily basis, this makes complete sense. With regards to online casinos, an easier step has been included where the gamer just has to select the Moneybookers payment option on the website. This eliminates many unnecessary and time consuming money transfer steps.

Moneybookers is very competitive when it comes to its rates. When comparing Moneybookers with other secure internet transfer services and physical banks, Moneybookers definitely holds its own in a very competitive market. Where many organizations make a base income from start-up fees, registration with Moneybookers is free. Not only this, but requesting money, receiving money and uploading money from the bank is also free. A nominal charge of 1% (up to $0.50) is charged when sending money.

When uploading money from the bank, Moneybookers does not charge for this service. However, a fee of 2.5% is charged on the uploading of money from a credit card. When withdrawing money to the bank, a flat fee of $1.80 is charged and another flat fee of $3.50 for money withdrawn via check. It therefore makes sense for Moneybookers account holders to make larger once-off withdrawals as opposed to a series of smaller ones because even though these fees may seem miniscule, collectively they add up.

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