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myCitadel is available in Canada, China, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

mycitadel casinos

Citadel Commerce has been operating since 1999, giving start-to-finish online secure funds transfer mainly to merchants. This is however, only half the market because with every seller there has to be a buyer. Citadel Commerce launched myCitadel to capture a portion of the lucrative buyer’s market. This virtual e-wallet is an easy, convenient and safe way to transfer funds to and from online goods and services merchant stores. Customers are able to store real cash online with many flexible payment options available to suit every consumer’s preference.

myCitadel Casinos

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Research has suggested that many consumers are hesitant to use their credit cards online. This is due to the fact that consumers do not wish to part with their credit card details or other personal information – especially to an anonymous entity that cannot be seen.

How Secure is myCitadel? Citadel Commerce was initially developed as an e-commerce detection and risk management system operating mainly for the online gaming industry. With this excellent foundation laid, Citadel Commerce had the resources and infrastructure to adapts its online security knowledge to the smaller account holders market. With Citadel Commerce transferring over $1 billion every year, this has become a high risk business. With that in mind, the security aspects must be flawless. The website employs a series of complex firewalls and Secure Socket Layers. This is the highest industry standard in security fields. Information is also encrypted every time a transaction is made. This ensures that private information is not shared with merchants or third parties.

What Does myCitadel Offer? When signing up for a myCitadel Wallet, the setup fee is completely free. It’s also very quick and user-friendly – proof of Citadel Commerce’s experience in the financial services industry. There are numerous options available when depositing funds into a myCitadel Wallet. Besides for the conventional debit card, credit card and direct deposit options, myCitadel offers a unique SecureSwipe that is found at numerous outlets. This allows customers direct access to their funds in the real world. This bridge between virtual and actual worlds has led to account holders feeling more at ease with signing up as there is still no viable substitute for physical cash in hand and human interaction.

The SecureSwipe is smaller than a cellular phone and is easy for merchants to install. The system integrates with any existing website and physical payment system. The SecureSwipe guarantees that payments are instantly received by the merchant. This minimizes the possibility of fraud and money laundering. Customers are also able to receive payouts free of charge. This is one of myCitadel’s better value added services.

All services are available in most European Union languages as well as offering transactions in a range of globally-accepted currencies. The 24/7 Citadel Commerce helpline ensures an easy and seamless customer and merchant experience when using the service in the unlikely event of a snag arising.

Summary of myCitadel’s Potential. At normal market growth levels, myCitadel is expected to generate a large customer base and earnings for the mother brand, Citadel Commerce. This access to smaller account holders will ensure the growth of the brand name as well as allowing Citadel Commerce a good foothold when exploring other areas of the e-commerce market. Citadel Commerce also has the financial ability to take risks with the myCitadel brand and be more experimental in their marketing approach. This is the way that companies can go from being merely profitable to being great.

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