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PaySafe Cards is not available to US customers. The service is available in the following countries: Österreich, Deutschland, UK, España, Greek, Slovenská, Slovenija, Italia, Eire, France, Polska, België, Português, Nederland, Turkey.

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What are PaySafe Cards? PaySafe Cards are a simple and effective way to make online purchases. PaySafe cards are prepaid cards that can be used for shopping for goods and services on the net or in real life. In a sense, they function the same way as gift vouchers. Their biggest draw card is that they function as a similar way to cash which is what customers feel most comfortable using.

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The Need for Alternative Payment Methods. Due to the fact that e-commerce has rocketed to unexpected proportions over the last few years, the need for online secure funds transfer companies has also exploded exponentially. As more of these companies emerge, they are finding it increasingly difficult to offer sceptical consumers new product offerings. Consumers are more aware than they were a short time ago as with a growing trend towards transparency, customers are now making informed decisions based on their actual needs as opposed to being attracted to more competitive rates or free gifts for signing up with a particular service. Furthermore, people in general are weary of handing over personal details, especially over the internet. Even though online funds transfer companies offer anonymity, there is still a minimum amount of information that is required to open an online account.

This distrust is taken further with conventional credit cards. Shoppers will much more readily hand over their credit cards to physical shop assistants than enter their credit card numbers into a computer, even though statistically credit card fraud occurs more frequently in real life than online. With such high security levels firewalls and secure socket layers present, especially with online casinos, one would assume that the general consumer is being paranoid and uninformed. This is not the case. It is just basic human nature to prefer human interaction to digital anonymity.

Benefits and Shortfalls of PaySafe Cards. Although PaySafe Cards are only available in EU, it will at least make the residents of these countries happy in the knowledge that this payment option now exists. Before PaySafe Cards came into the equation there was nothing of the sort available. The reason that it’s so safe is that these vouchers can be bought without parting with any personal information. Once a card is purchased, the shopper need only enter the unique 16 digit-code on any merchant site carrying the PaySafe logo. This is completely anonymous.

Vouchers can be purchased in 10, 25, 50 or 100€ values. Up to ten vouchers can be combined to make a single purchase. Most convenience stores, petrol stations, banks and post offices across Germany and Austria are authorized to sell PaySafe Cards. This method of payment is so widely used that it has even become legal tender in Austria under the auspices of BAWAG bank. In Germany, the cards are issued by the Commerzbank.

PaySafe Cards are simple to use, anonymous and safe. No bank account or credit card is necessary to be able to purchase. With no binding contracts or extra costs attached, this is definitely a viable and alternative to other online funds transfer services. Furthermore, in a human level, PaySafe Cards negate the chances of people falling into debt. This is especially important with regards to online gambling sites where gamblers caught up in the moment will often very easily submit their credit card numbers.

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