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Playtech Casino Software. The software generated by Playtech not only covers a wide enough spectrum to maintain customer interest, but also pays special attention to the graphics and playing experience. By thoroughly testing their games with a host of independents like BMM and Kahnawake, Playtech has ensured a very high standard.

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The past decade has allowed us to witness a metamorphosis in the way people do business. It is now possible to purchase virtually any goods and services online and this has all but completely broken down the physical borders which exist between nations and cultures. When in the past, one would have to rely on local importers to source a particular item, customers can now be much more self-sufficient and therefore more streetwise.

Millions of dollars worth of transactions flying through the digital space every second of the day. The web does not close for business. This has resulted in the need for a secure passage for all this digital money – and with that comes the need for the software that can safely perform this task. Millions of dollars are being invested in this software so that companies can maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals as well as ensure that the customer’s experience remains free of hassle. With such a saturated market, the software must be seamless and impenetrable.

About Playtech Casinos: Playtech has been operating since 1999 and developed on the back of the e-commerce explosion by realizing the huge growth potential in this market. It survived the dot com slump and has today grown into one of the most successful secure gaming software manufacturers in the world. Playtech is currently one of the leaders in the development of multiplayer betting, online poker, online bingo and live dealing software.

The People at Playtech. Playtech is a globally-based company and employs almost 200 people, most of who are tasked with the development of new software to ensure Playtech’s survival in such a cutthroat market. The client base is relatively small compared with other major software developers. This is a result of Playtech’s board of directors preferring a client portfolio of pre-screened, reputable online casinos. This has resulted in better customer service. However, as this customer base has been consolidated, Playtech is starting to take on new casino clients. No more than 5 games are ever released at one time. This is in order to keep the demand for the software high and maintain the balance between too much and too little choice for the online gambler. All Playtech’s software and games are validated by BMM International which acts as a gaming regulation and testing watchdog.

The games range from video machines, slots, keno and poker to multi-line and progressive jackpots. There have already been several million dollar-plus winners in the progressive jackpot which goes a long way in maintaining Playtech’s casino authenticity.

A range of gaming incentives introduced by Playtech casinos has further entrenched its good name among the online casino owners. These incentives allow online gamblers to work their way up to VIP status and have access to certain, elite virtual rooms. This has helped tremendously with online gamblers performing a “repeat purchase” as the benefits are tangible.

Other Developments by Playtech: Playtech has realized that the scope for broadening its portfolio is very lucrative and that by concentrating most of its resources on online gambling software alone may find itself losing ground in such a dynamic environment. This has resulted in the development of other online games with fixed odds. These include a series of Arcade games, Derby Day Horse Racing, darts, heads or tail and soccer games. These games have a 50/50 chance and therefore offer a much higher win rate than certain mainstream casino games.

Playtech casinos has also developed a Live Dealer casino interface which allows for a much more realistic and real time experience for gamers. The playing modes are also diverse which allows gamers to choose between single play, multi-play and multiplay with chat. Gamblers can also customize their card layouts, sound effect options and game speed settings. Customers are also able to view their accounts at any stage. These playtech casino accounts are protection by high-end encryption casino software.

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