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ukash casinos

Ukash is one of the newer ways to pay for goods and services in cash online. Although millions of credit cards exist around the world, there are still those who believe that “cash is king” and would therefore prefer to perform online transactions with cash-based and not credit-based facility. Ukash allows just this. It is just like spending cash in the physical world. Furthermore, as the demand for online transactions increases, the number of secure online finds transfer companies is also increasing. However, with any market saturation, companies find it increasingly more difficult to find a new reason for customers to sign up. As most online funds transfer companies offer very similar setups, Ukash is different enough to stand out amongst the clutter.

Ukash Casinos

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Simplicity and Availability of Ukash. Ukash vouchers can be bought at virtually any convenience store where there is a Ukash logo present around the world or on the internet. Because the transaction is in cash, there is no way that any online merchant can gain access to a buyer’s personal details. This reduces the amount of spam and scam out there. When the value of the purchase is less than the Ukash voucher amount, the consumer will be given change in the local currency. This is the closest to real cash one can come to. Humans in general are more comfortable with cash.

When making an online transaction with Ukash, the consumer needs only enter the 19 digit unique code and the change amount. The balance then becomes the new Ukash voucher with its own unique code. The buyer then keeps this unique code safe for further transactions at a later stage.

Ukash is a cash solution backed by Smart Voucher Limited. This safe and convenient payment method has become one of the globally recognized leaders in e-payments. Using the latest methods of technology, Ukash ensures that the consumers’ purchases are not only safe but also wholly anonymous. Distribution networks are situated mainly throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain but this is fast expanding into the rest of the European Union and North America. The vision is to expand Ukash to every corner of the world and dominate the voucher-based cash commerce market. All transactions are protected by a multi-layered firewall and a Secure Socket Layer. This is the latest in digital security technology. Negotiations are also in progress to form alliances with the leading online retailers to make Ukash the most popular method of payment on the net. This will become the equivalent of cash in the real world.

If a customer loses a Ukash voucher, it is imperative that this loss is reported immediately to the Ukash customer care centre which is open 24/7. The unique code, value of voucher, and date/time of the loss should be logged. This voucher will then be cancelled on the Ukash database and this voucher will not be able to be used at any Ukash participating merchants. A new voucher with a new unique code will then be issued to the original bearer. Unfortunately, if the lost voucher has already been used before it has been cancelled, there is nothing that the Ukash customer service consultants can do. This is the risk of using a cash-based payment method. However, the one security feature Ukash does have over physical cash is that there is still a small window period open in which to cancel the vouchers before they are used. With real cash, once it’s gone the chances of retrieving it depends on the honesty of the person who picks it up. Also, because cash is anonymous, the chances of tracking down the original bearer are highly improbable.

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