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Fund your Casino Account directly from your Canadian bank account.

usemybank casinos

UseMyBank is one of the leading innovators in finding alternate methods to secure online money transfers. With the huge explosion in e-commerce over the past few years, there are many options available to online consumers. This has led to a very saturated market and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find a competitive advantage and unique selling points. Instead of UseMyBank trying to re-invent the online money transfer market, they went back to basics and are allowing customers to use their existing bank accounts to perform online transactions. As people are generally resistant to change and are creatures of habit, allowing them to use a banking facility that they are already comfortable with is an ingenious approach.

UseMyBank casinos

Full list of online casinos that accept UseMyBank casino deposits and UseMyBank casino payouts.

UseMyBank’s concept is based on using the fundamentals of banking and streamlining the whole process. This is done by eliminating as many unnecessary steps and “middlemen” as possible. Customers using their existing bank accounts to perform transactions are firstly more comfortable using their own financial institutions as one would assume that an account holder trusts his/her own bank. Secondly, consumers are familiar with their own banks’ methodology so purchasing online is not a very big step in another direction. It becomes just another means of payment that their bank is offering.

UseMyBank uses existing methods of payments that the customer’s bank uses. This can be in the form of checks, debit cards or credit cards. UseMyBank is only interested in the confirmation of payments. In a sense, they act as a broker or agent between the customer’s bank and the online merchant.

For the Seller. UseMyBank offers direct online payments from well over 11 million banking buyers with the use of their preferred banking methods. UseMyBank also offers the best transaction fees on the web. It costs only $1 to activate an account and the transfer of funds is completely free of charge.

For the Buyer. The buyer has complete control over all payments with the use of their own online bank account. The buyer can also choose the method of payment that suits their needs best. Furthermore, there is no signup necessary to use UseMyBank so privacy and anonymity is not an issue. The most attractive feature about UseMyBank for customers is that all payments are free.

For the Biller. UseMyBank provides a fully automated system so that online payments from customers happen in real-time. UseMyBank’s platform of simplicity comes through strongest in the fact the biller retains their branding. Instead of banks competing with online funds transfer companies for a share in the profits, UseMyBank has become their partner. UseMyBank is just an added service to existing banks which makes online transfers easier and more convenient.

For the Affiliate. Affiliates can earn 5% of the fees generated by referring new sellers. Again, there is no signup process, no startup fee and no hidden agendas. UseMyBank is simply streamlining the banking process to make secure online transactions easier and seamless.

How Secure is it? Using UseMyBank is as safe as using an established financial institution. This is because UseMyBank uses the established bank’s existing infrastructure. There is no chance of information being shared as UseMyBank does not require any of the account holder’s personal details. All personal information is kept with the existing bank. UseMyBank is a good option for online shoppers who do not wish to go through more administrative procedures in order to open a new account. Similarly, many online shoppers are still not comfortable with handing out their credit card details to a faceless website when purchasing goods and services. UseMyBank ensures that this is not an issue.

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