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WebMoney Transfer enables Internet users the world over to conduct safe and secure financial transactions, in real time, to buy goods and/or services online. This powerful, yet easy to use, hardware and software system that enables its users to conduct safe transactions using WebMoney Units (WM Units). Their special software, called the WM Keeper, is used to manage the movement of WM-units. The system offers several types of WebMoney units and purses for them:

List of WebMoney casinos

Full list of online casinos that accept WebMoney deposits and payouts. Deposit via WebMoney and those casinos will pay you back to your WebMoney account. Many casinos offers same-day payments via WebMoney.

When you are making a purchase online, but the merchant doesn’t accept the particular currency you are using, you can simply exchange your WM Units into a different purse. Currently, the software does not allow for transfer of non-matching types of units into the purses, so, for example, if you need to transfer WMR units into a WMZ purse, you will first have to exchange WMR units for WMZ using one of the WebMoney exchange options and then conduct the transfer.

Currently, WMR transactions are underwritten by "WMR" LLC that represents WebMoney Transfer in Russia. WMZ and WME transactions are underwritten by the Amstar Holdings Limited, S.A. WMU transactions are underwritten by the Ukrainian Guarantee Agency. This helps to make sure that all transactions are accurate and at the current exchange rate (where applicable).

It is easy to join WebMoney Transfer. All you need is to download a WM Keeper client on your PC and register with the system by accepting terms of use and receiving a WM-ID. During the registration you will have to provide and confirm your personal information. WebMoney Transfer has a very thourough verification system. Each user has a WebMoney passport. A WebMoney passport is a digital certificate based on personal data provided by a WebMoney member. This information allows the company to verify that you are who you say you are so that no one but you can access your money or your information.

There are many ways that you can fund your WM Account. You can do a Bank Transfer by simply transferring the money from your bank account into your WM account. You can also do a WM card deposit by buying a card in the amount that you wish to deposit and follow the instructions on the card to put that money in your account. You can also make cash deposits into your account from any of thier authorized exchange offices (a list of these offices can be found on the WebMoney website).

When there is a need to withdraw any money from your WebMoney account, you can do so via Bank Transfer or you can do a WM exchange for cash (at any authorized exchange office).

The WebMoney system is easy to use and very convenient, so try it todayat one of WebMoney casino listed here!

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